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06. 30 Days of Doctor Who: First Who Episode ever watched

05. 30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite ship

04. 30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite episode from Season 1
The End of the World

03. 30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite male companion
Rory Williams

02. 30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite female companion
Amy Pond

01. 30 Days of Doctor Who: Favorite regeneration of the doctor

A graphic or gif challenge dedicated to New Who. There are many of these, but none included everything that I wanted so I thought I’d make my own.

01. Favorite regeneration of the doctor
02. Favorite female companion
03. Favorite male companion
04. Favorite episode from Season 1
05. Favorite ship
06. First Who episode that you ever watched
07. A character that you feel the need to defend
08. Favorite episode from Season 2
09. Favorite friendship
10. An episode that makes you cry
11. Favorite member of the cast
12. Favorite episode from Season 3
13. Favorite finale episode
14. Favorite soundtrack
15. Favorite episode from Season 4
16. Favorite villain
17. Favorite season
18. Favorite cast relationship
19. Favorite episode from Season 5 
20. Favorite location
21. Favorite quote
22. Favorite cast pictures
23. Favorite episode from Season 6
24. A character that you want to know more about
25. Favorite companion’s family member
26. Favorite special
27. Favorite character that appears in one episode
28.  Favorite episode from Season 7
29. The moment you fell in love with Doctor Who 
30. A reason to watch Doctor Who