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#Viktor was obviously deeply in love with her #just remember the fact that he took her to prom #even knowing that he could’ve choose any other girl #remember how he forgot about everyone and danced with her all night #remember how he looked at her while saying ‘write to me, please’ #remember how, a few years later #on Fleur’s wedding #he danced with her one more time #probably being conscient that her heart already belonged to Ron #this is why I love Viktor Krum so much #he just enjoyed being with Hermione #and didn’t care about the future #mostly, because she wasn’t going to be a part of his.



amygilllan whispered: Okay, so I'm not sure if your birthday was today, or a couple of days ago. I never know how far into my dash I am when I'm on mobile. Either way, here's a (maybe belated) birthday message: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARLING! I hope your day was wonderful and amazing because that's what you deserve. I hope there was lots of cake and lots of presents (and that you liked all of them.) I really hope your birthday was magnificent because that's what you are <3 goodnight, love :D

awww I only just got this even though you sent it 4 days ago (good job tumblr) but thank you so so much!! <3 yes, it was my birthday on the 14th of August! This message honestly made me smile so big!! Many many thanks <3